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During this course you'll develop a product and present it in a portfolio

Example Portfolio #1

Anna Vliss - PhysioGuru

This is a great example of a folio project. The UX design process followed is excellent, her visual (UI) skills are fantastic, and the structure of the project is ideal.
Anna Vliss PhysioGuru folio page heading image

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. About your goals...

    1. Design Roles

    2. Successful Digital Products, the Digital Product Team & Workflow

    3. Figma slide template

    1. Problem Statement

    2. The Design Thinking Process

    3. Design Thinking Practice

    4. Competitive Analysis Practice

    5. The Brief: Business Requirements Document (BRD) Practice

    6. User Stories Practice

    1. User Research Methods

    2. User Research Methods Practice

    3. Surveys & Interviews Practice

    4. Analysis of User Research

    5. Analysis Practice

    6. User Personas

    7. Persona Practice

    8. User Flows

    9. Content Audit Practice

    1. About Creativity & Imposter Syndrome

    2. Information Architecture (IA)

    3. Card Sorting

    4. Low Fidelity Wireframing

    1. Planning your test

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