These design Principles are fundamental to UX Design, Product Design, UI Design, Visual Design and Graphic Design

Learn how to use Typography, Colour, Layout, Whitespace, Alignment and Hierarchy which are core to all digital design.

Please note that this is not a full UX, Visual Design or Graphic Design course - but knowing these principles is the best way to start any of those learning journeys

Who this course is for...

Those who want to quickly gain design skills such as...

  • UX Bootcamper

    Are you about to start, or on a UX bootcamp and surrounded by people who seem to know more about design than you?

  • Entrepreneur

    Do you want to persuade your audiences with stunning pitch-decks, infographics and product concepts?

  • Developer

    Do you plan to bring more design into your role with proven design skills?

Course Content

Learn at your own pace and practise each design principle as you go

  • Video Tutorials

    Each video covers one topic in depth

  • Sample exercises

    Figma file downloads are included so that you can quickly get started on each exercise

  • Learning Community Access


    Get feedback on your work from the course tutor and from other students

"This is what I wish I knew when I started designing"

"Once I improved my design skills, I've been able to earn $650 per day contracting as a Senior UX / Product Designer" - Rachael Page, Course Tutor

These principles or 'Rules' allow anyone to 'Find their design eye' and know when a design is good or bad, how to see what can be better and what to do to improve it!

No talent required!

UX Bootcamps often don't teach these fundamental visual design principles in depth

  • For design beginners

  • Understand the underlying principles why designs look good

  • KNOW how to make any design better

  • Learn how to apply design to anything

  • Drop Canva and it's limitations and make up anything you want to - for free using Figma

Learn by doing

Download the figma files included in the course and never start from a blank page!

  • Practice Page Layout

    Design presentations and pitch decks in figma and export to PDF

  • Create great infographics

    Communicate clearly & concisely with impact in presentations, pitch-decks and communicate UX research you've done

  • Try Responsive Design for Desktop & Mobile

    Layout a web page that reflows to work on a variety of screen sizes

  • Make a mobile app design

    See how to put UI design into a mobile app screen

  • All whilst learning figma too!

    - It’s 2 skills in one course!

Course curriculum

See FREE PREVIEWS in some sections below!

    1. Typography

    2. Typography Activity - See Typographic Principles being applied

  • 5 lessons
  • English Language
  • Online
  • At your own pace

Course starts in

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

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In July Pay €199 (Save €400 or 66% off) ---> In August Pay €399 (Save €200 or 33% off) ---> Launching on 1st September and from then on, the course will be €599


“I couldn't have asked for a better teacher than you over the last few months - I'm extremely grateful for your support, encouragement and guidance throughout.”

Joyce Echevin - London 2023

“She is an incredible teacher, I was surprised by the level of empathy Rachael has with her students, it's obvious that she really enjoys teaching. Commencing my job search, I feel prepared, and I am indebted.”

Eduardo Hernandez - Mexico City 2023

“Rachael patiently helped me to enhance my design skills and build a great folio. She went above and beyond to provide constructive feedback & resources. She encourages students to master new principles & builds up your confidence”

Sanjana Bhat - New Jersey 2022

Why choose this course?

  • This course is FAST !

    Get up to speed in design in the most efficient way possible - it’s designed for people who might be working full-time. Become a better designer in under 20 hours - A perfect quick course to do before your UX bootcamp

  • Focus on UX & Product Design only

    This isn't just a general graphic design course, it's specifically targeted to UX and Product Design

  • Learn figma at the same time

    The videos and design practice uses the industry leading software figma. Finish up with actual design work to show off in your portfolio! or you can choose your own past designs to improve instead of the provided samples

  • Affordable compared to other courses

    Other courses cost $2000 on average and more, and they’re not as straightforward, practical or focussed on you producing outstanding DESIGNS!

  • Learn from a successful professional

    After an enjoyable 20 year career I want to help you build your ability to use the language of design to communicate your ideas optimally

The Instructor

Rachael Page

Product Designer

I split my time between creating design courses for Artfuly, working for blue-chip companies on product design contracts, teaching private students and tutoring for Career Foundry. As a Product Designer who designs experiences & products, I carry out User Research, Wireframing and User Testing and then UI Design. My main skills are in User Experience, Visual Design / UI, No-code front-end development (Webflow), SEO & Online Marketing. I hold a B.Eng (Hons) in Product Design.


  • How long will it take to complete?

    About 20 hours of fully-focussed study & practice --OR-- about a month if you can only spend one 5-hour study day per week. Each lesson has on average 3 minutes of video to watch and if there's a file to download you'll be practicing the design principle or skill in that lesson and that will take on average an hour.

  • How long will I have access to the course

    For 1 full year which is plenty of time to complete this course (plus deadlines can be motivating!) - however you can email to request an extension if you need one - plus you’ll automatically get any course updates as sections are updated to reflect any changes such as within the figma software

  • I’m an absolute beginner with no talent - is that OK?

    Yes! If you have a passion to design, this course will show you the fundamental principles that you need to be aware of - the rest will follow

  • What equipment will I need?

    You’ll need an internet connection for video-streamiing, a mac or PC and a browser like chrome. Optionally you can install the desktop version of figma. Get the full free version of figma for students at and figma lite is also free here -

  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes I have a 14-day full money back guarantee from the first day of the course. Just email [email protected] and tell me your reason.

  • Got more questions?

    Email your tutor Rachael at [email protected]

Example Video Tutorial

How to open or import a Figma file

Let's get started!


Just FYI I take you through all the steps below in the first course video which you can see by enrolling or previewing the course

1. Download and install the free figma desktop app for macOS or Windows

2. Open figma, create your free account to login

3. Once logged in to figma,  get my free figma file here by clicking 'Open in Figma' on that link

4. If you haven't already, enrol to save your spot and get prepared for the course launch. Once logged in you'll have access to the Artfuly Designers Learning Community where you can share your designs for feedback during the course and ask questions - even before the course starts!

5. I'll personally email you a few days before the course goes live, so please add [email protected] to your address book in your email provider... 

Discover your potential, no prior talent required!

66% discount in June and 33% discount in July, Course commences 1st September 2023.

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